Update “SP Portfolio Optimizer” – further development of the app that high-lights the profitable use of structured products in a portfolio context

Banner AppSince February 2017 the SSPA has been operating increasingly digitally with the “SP Portfolio Opti-mizer” – a free app developed in close cooperation with swissQuant, which highlights the added val-ue of structured products for portfolios in a simple and comprehensible manner. Relationship man-agers and private investors can test and trial the wide-ranging functions and systematic deployment of structured products in their portfolios using the “SP Portfolio Optimizer”, and can examine to what extent and with the addition of which products their particular portfolios can be optimised. Various sample portfolios and different market scenarios can also be simulated.

Launched at the Swiss financial fair “Finanz17”, the first version of the app quickly became estab-lished in the market and has seen a steady increase in download figures. In order to meet the needs of users even more effectively, the app has now been developed further in a second phase. New features – such as for example single stocks or a decision tree – have now been implemented, and a desktop version as well as white-label solutions (where the app can be used with specific versions tailored to meet the needs of individual clients) is also planned. The app is available for iPad – the “SP Portfolio Optimizer” can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store. Click here for the free iPad download. Discover how the “SP Portfolio Optimizer” works in the current video.

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