Turnover rise 6% in 2019 — Board complete with new Chairman and Board member

Since the last Newsletter, we are pleased to announce that a milestone has been reached and that personnel changes have been realised at Board level. As the new Chairman, I would like to thank our members and my fellow Board members for the trust they have placed in me and I look forward to assuming the SSPA chairmanship and, together with the Board members, representing and developing the interests of the structured products industry. I am also delighted that Thomas Wicki from UBS has joined our Board, enabling us to focus fully on the challenges that 2020 will bring.

As an Association, we have set ourselves the goal for 2020 of raising the profile of the interesting investment opportunities presented by structured products, and of making these more comprehensible to investors within a demanding market environment. In particular, this also includes pension fund representatives, for whom structured products have been easier to invest in since November. It was then that the wide-ranging SSPA cost transparency concept was recognised by the Occupational Pension Supervisory Commission (OPSC) after years of detailed preparation. This means a structured
product is considered cost-transparent if the agreed cost information is made available to Swiss pension funds. The current SSPA Value Creation Report also supports this. We see a 6% increase in turnover for 2019 and are optimistic about the prospects for the current year. In the persistent low interest rate environment, yield enhancement products in particular are used to generate income and strengthen the investment portfolio.

In the current Newsletter we provide you with a review of this year’s financial fair, encouraging
turnover figures for 2019 and details about the cost transparency concept. In addition, we also update you on regulatory changes and would like to organise another InfoTalk in French-speaking Switzerland this year to give the community there a platform for food for thought, exchange and networking.

We hope you enjoy reading these pages!

Markus Pfister, SSPA Chairman

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