Substantial growth in turnover during the first half of the year – higher demand for structured products becomes established

This issue has been produced in the heat of the summer, and following an exciting world cup. Because the association is continuously developing – in line with the adage “standing still means taking a step backwards” – and strives to keep its members and sector representatives informed and to provide them with “food for thought”. For the first time, the SSPA invited an extended audience to attend its InfoTalk and to hear an introductory talk by an external keynote speaker on the topic of pension funds. This event was a great and very popular success. From a regulatory perspective, while structured products can already be used by pension funds in the “alternatives” field, this is put into practice only tentatively. This despite the fact that the occupational pension provisioning limits set out in BVV2 can be exceeded – 44 percent of pension funds already do this, although not necessarily with structured products. In the last newsletter we addressed the progress of the SSPA’s pension fund initiative, which is specifically designed to make it easier to use this instrument. We are now saving this goodie for after the summer break, and will be keeping you up to date on the subject of cost transparency.

The present update outlines plans for the International Structured Products Forum in September in Lucerne, and also informs you about the challenging regulatory environment when it comes to MiFID etc.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue, wish you a relaxing summer season and are looking forward to seeing you again and producing our next issue in the autumn!

Georg von Wattenwyl, Präsident des SVSP

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