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Low interest rates and volatility have characterised the investment universe for some time. Even though these are not ideal operating conditions, issuers of structured products have been consistently demonstrating their innovative strengths. Thus enabling potential investors to invest in a diversified manner even during times such as these. In order to highlight the potential uses of structured products in terms of respective individual investor requirements, SSPA activities focus on the simple and easily understandable promulgation of information and knowledge. Against this backdrop, our new SSPA Newsletter will be reporting periodically on current developments and trends in the structured products sector, as well as on the activities of the association.
Existing information instruments such as the Swiss Derivative Map, the knowledge test for new and experienced investors, the potential proposals and informative videos have recently been supplemented by an interactive information tool. This is designed to make it even easier to enter the world of structured products. The new information tool for knowledge building is very user-friendly, focuses on only three product types, and uses easy-to-understand language to disseminate content – avoiding the typically flowery phrases of financial jargon. Visit the association homepage under www.sspa-association.ch and discover more about investing successfully in different market environments. Within the context of the provision of information and knowledge, the “InvesTalk” roadshow also visited the cities of Berne, Lucerne and Basel for the first time in September. This gave potential investors the opportunity to broaden their financial expertise and to discuss the investment opportunities presented by structured products with high-powered experts.

Another of the association’s central concerns is the successive improvement in the transparency of structured products. From 1 March 2015 onwards structured product issuers will state product distribution fees. Distribution fees include fees structured product issuers include in the issue price, such as compensation paid to distribution partners. Investors will therefore know what monetary incentives distributors receive in return for distributing the respective products.

Many tasks await me within the context of my new function, and I am determined to tackle these with enthusiasm and élan. My aim is to see the structured products sector continue to advance.  Within this context I also wish to thank my predecessor Daniel Sandmeier most warmly. The foundations he created through his excellent and long-standing work as President of the SSPA are superb. In this, the first issue of the association’s new Newsletter, he looks back over the development of the sector in recent years.

Georg von Wattenwyl, SSPA President

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