“Industry entirely renewed”

SSPA president von Wattelwyl about innovation in the industry, lessons learned from Lehman crisis and 10 years structured products association. Published in L'Agefi.

Test yourself: What type of structured products suits you best?

Handelszeitung publishes test for Investors figuring out what type of structured products matches best. (in German)

Law firm newly joins SSPA

Finews.ch reports on new Membership of law firm NKF - closely working together with the industry.

SwissQuant and SSPA will launch new app for strucutred products

Finews reports on SSPA membership of swissQuant and point pipeline - namely an app showing added value of structured products in portfolios.

Finews.ch interview with SSPA president Georg von Wattenwyl

SSPA president Georg von Wattenwyl gives insights in 10 year's association for structured products, the Milestones and how the industry changed.

NZZ supplement structured products

The current supplement regarding structured products of newspaper NZZ details market trends and informs about the innovative products.

NZZ: Enrico Friz of SSPA answering important questions regarding structured products

Four experts detail important questions regarding the structured products market within the current supplement of NZZ.

NZZ supplement: strenghten market position

Thomas Schmidlin of SSPA Details, how the whole industry could profit of increased transparency and transfer of know how.

New member for structured products association

Finews.ch reports on new ASSP membership of Natixis – ASSP amounting to 24 members within all regions of Switzerland representing the whole industry.

Swiss Derivative Awards

SVSP celebrates its 10th anniversary and wins Special Award within Swiss Derivative Awards event.

«Barrier and Coupon as favorite» (de)

FuW reports on newly launched market statistics. The article says that two assumptions are confirmed ...

«Transparency generates trust, even if the way is still Long to go» (de)

Compliment of FuW regarding the newly launched statistics - ASSP generates transparency!

Euro most important currency on structured products market (de)

NZZ reports on newly published market Report including for the first time non listed products. SSPA thereby generates interesting results.

Structured products industry for more transparency (de)

FuW reports on new market report: "The new overview also covers unlisted products, an area which is growing with ongoging technologisation."

SSPA president Georg von Wattenwyl in FuW interview (de)

«Make products even more transparent» - that 's the association's focus for the upcoming year. Discover further highlights and plans of SSPA!

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