New members expand the industry association

The inclusion of the broker CAT Financial Products in March, the buy side representative EFG in May along with the broker AIS Financial Group as well as Valeur Group in July means that the SSPA had grown to comprise 43 members in July.

Giuliano Glocker, CEO and founder of CAT Financial Products AG, spoke about the membership of the SSPA as follows: “We are looking forward to working together with the members of the Association to help shape the structured products industry. As an independent service provider, our goal is to create the best investment products and services for our clients and their investors through bespoke investment solutions and innovative technologies, and to drive the industry as a whole forward.”

Maurizio Moranzoni, Head of Global Markets at EFG International, on its membership of the SSPA: “EFG strives to cover all the needs of our clients with targeted solutions. Structured products pay an important role in this conjunction. They give us the necessary flexibility to make the adjustments that are needed to achieved defined goals. This makes them an important component in our armoury of value-adding solutions for our clients. For this reason we are delighted to be actively involved in the further development and shaping of this industry in Switzerland.”

Samir Lakkis, Partner and Founder of AIS, declared: “As an established part of the structured products industry, we want to use our SSPA membership to contribute towards its continued development, while influencing relevant topics with the support of the Association.”

Alessandro Noceti, Head of Trading and Sales at Valeur, is also pleased about the op-portunity to help shape the industry: “As a global brokerage business with a strong presence in Switzerland and extensive experience in the field of structured investment solutions, we are keen to play an active role in the development of the Swiss market for structured products. By joining the SSPA we will be able to make an even more effective contribution to industry topics.”

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