Meeting of delegates: new membership concept approved as well as training tool for relationship managers planned

On 24 September, SSPA convened a meeting of delegates and presented the activities from the previous year as well as providing an outlook for 2016. All motions were accepted by all 18 members. Including a new membership concept that aims to establish a broader-based industry association by carefully widening the admission criteria.

As a broad-based industry association that covers the entire output chain, the SSPA is keen to represent the entire industry and to strengthen the financial market as a whole. Particular focus is now being directed towards the buy-side, including banks, asset managers and B2B-intermediaries. Membership of the SSPA is intended as a “seal of quality” that provides added value.

Simulation tool for relationship managers

In future, relationship managers (RMs) will be kept even more effectively informed about the opportunities and advantages of structured products as investment products. A tailor-made tool will help RMs understand how structured products work in customer portfolios and systematically explain the advantages of mixing in these products. It enables different sample portfolios and different market scenarios to be vividly simulated, showcasing the huge potential presented by the systematic deployment of structured products. The launch is slated for Q1.

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