Increase of 6% relative to 2018 – turnover in 2019 totalled CHF 352 billion


Turnover of Swiss structured products recorded by the largest SSPA members continued to rise in 2019. At CHF 352 billion, annual turnover was 6% or CHF 21 billion above the figure for the previous year. Compared to the same quarter of the previous year, turnover in Q4 2019 also rose

6% to reach CHF 86 billion. Yield enhancement products remain the most popular investment category (48%) and have increased slightly in year-on-year terms (2018): 46%). Equity (54%) and Foreign Exchange (26%) remained the predominant asset classes in 2019.

Unlisted products continued to represent the great majority of sales, accounting for 63% (2018: 62%). The most important currencies, accounting for 88% of sales volume, are USD, EUR and CHF. Within the persistently low interest rate environment, yield enhancement products in particular are used to generate income and strengthen the investment portfolio.

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