Happy Birthday SVSP – the structured products association celebrates its 10th anniversary

The SSPA was founded ten years ago to represent the collective interest of issuers. With the goal of favourably influencing the operating conditions for structured products in the Swiss financial centre, it has steadily expanded its presence as the industry association.

The structured products sector has developed and undergone enormous changes in recent years, and the association looks back with pride over the past 10 years – and will in future continue to promote maximum transparency and impulses for the development of the sector going forward.

How the association has changed the sector – SSPA milestones over the past 10 years:

  • 2006: Launching the Swiss Derivative Map, a classification system for product types defined by the association that has become established as the market standard amongst all banks.
  • 2007: Launching the Structured Products Fair, which as the Financial Fair now nurtures and promotes personal contacts and exchanges with private investors.
  • 2009: Launching the risk parameters of various products.
  • 2010: Start of the knowledge initiative with the publication of the book “”die Welt der Strukturierten Produkte” (“The World of Structured Products”). 2011 expansion with online knowledge test for industry newcomers and experts.
  • 2014: Active involvement in the disclosure of sales fees.
  • 2015: Drawing up the study on the cost and performance of structured products in conjunction with the Swiss Finance Institute SFI, which for the first time establishes facts in place of assumptions.
  • 2016: Launch of new, supplementary market statistics, encompassing current sales of listed and unlisted structured products in the Swiss market at the quarterly level.


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