«Expert View» – Education and perception are key for the industry – focus on «SRI» Current overview of the structured products industry by Thomas Schmidlin, Credit Suisse

Looking back at this year’s Lucerne forum I noticed the following key take-aways for us as a structured products industry: «Education» (including Simplicity and Repetition), once again «Perception» and another evergreen, «Finding a place in Asset Allocation». One additional interesting topic which was mentioned by Frédéric Lamotte (CIO Crédit Agricole Indosuez) was «SRI». With no doubt, in CIO’s offices and among their respective product offerings, Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) will gain more and more importance and the awareness around investors for mainly green and sustainable investment opportunities seems to raise fast. On top, I just read a statement of intent letter written by Patrick Odier, Senior Managing Partner of LODH. His keywords were: Sustainability is perhaps the greatest investment opportunity in modern history! Lately, I also had an interesting chat with a Senior Finance Campaigner of Greenpeace, Switzerland. Main discussion was if banks need to have a more stringent governance and filter process around their product offerings and investment processes including environmental and social responsibility criteria.

I am convinced, SRI will be the upcoming investment theme and it will be a major topic also within the Swiss Structured Products Association in the very near future.

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