Committee changes — SSPA continues to broaden its membership base

The first six months of the year passed in a whirl — and no wonder; a great deal is happening on global political and European stages at the moment – and there is also a lot going on in our sector and our Association. The Swiss Financial Services Act (“FIDLEG”) will be coming into force very soon. This will impact industry operators across the board. The current Newsletter contains further information about this Critical FIDLEG phase. It also addresses the topic of actively managed certificates, known as AMC, which are experiencing increasing demand from investors.

In addition, the SSPA is also enjoying a steadily expanding membership base, has been participating in further events for the first time, and has seen some key personnel changes. In July, a familiar face rejoined the SSPA Committee. She is Irene Brunner, from BNP Paribas. This took place after Vice Chairman Thomas Schmidlin decided in the spring to take up a new career opportunity. We greatly valued Thomas’ contributions to the work of the Association. With his tremendous commitment and dedication, he helped raise acceptance of our products and services. We are also very pleased that Irene will now be able to contribute her almost 20 years of international experience on the issuer side to the work of the Association.

In this update we provide you with a review of our traditional InfoTalk, our first SSPA women-only event and our first presence and active panel organisation at the second Zurich Stock Exchange Day for retail investors. And we also describe what Association activities you will be able to look forward to over the coming months. We are actively involved in planning for the International Structured Products Forum in Lucerne in September – celebration time, because this 10-year-old wants to be properly lauded – as well as the second F&W Forum on Structured Products.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue, wish you a relaxed summer and are looking forward to seeing you again in the autumn!

Georg von Wattenwyl, SSPA Chairman

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