“SP Portfolio Optimizer” Volume 2 – new features for the app

Banner AppAt the start of the year, the SSPA launched the “SP Portfolio Optimizer” – an app that outlines the portfolio benefits of structured products on behalf of investors and client advisors. The Association has now followed this up, and has extended the functions of the app to highlight the specific benefits of adding structured products even more clearly for investment advisors, asset managers and private investors.

Video testing app

The “SP Portfolio Optimizer” underscores the huge potential of the systematic use of structured products in portfolios. Structured products can be added to the personal portfolio, and this change have a stimulating effect. Further development means the app is tailored even more effectively to the needs of particular target groups: filmed use cases for participation products, yield optimisation products and capital protection products have been implemented, illustrating how different products can generate portfolio benefits. In addition, the portfolio can now also be replicated with individual stocks, facilitating an even more accurate simulation. The app is available for iPad and can be downloaded for free at the App Store. Discover how the “SP Portfolio Optimizer” works in the current video.

Get the free iPad download here.

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