Active role in the FIDLEG/FINIG discussion: Hearing of the WAK Commission of the Council of States

The SSPA is keen to highlight the relevance of the sector and products for the Swiss financial centre. Thanks to the regular exchange of views with politicians, we have made huge strides in this direction. This is the result of effectively organised and long-term association work, including in conjunction with the Swiss Bankers Association, Finma and further organisations. In addition, the association is playing an active role in the constructive FIDLEG/FINIG discussion, and favours inter alia state-of-the-art investor protection. Chairman Georg von Wattenwyl and Enrico Friz, Head of Legal & Regulation, supported this position inter alia at a hearing of the WAK Commission of the Council of States at the start of the year. WAK-S has taken up the advice of FIDLEG and FINIG, and is conducting hearings on the two proposals. In addition to the SSPA, the invitees included the Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association (SFAMA), the Forum SRO (self-regulating organisations), the Swiss Bankers Association (SBVg), the Consumer Protection Foundation (SKS), the Swiss Insurance Association (SVV), the Association of Swiss Asset Managers (VSV) as well as an independent asset manager.

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