10 years of SSPA – steady rise in acceptance and importance

The association reached a milestone in its history on 4 April 2016: we are proud to mark the
SSPA’s tenth anniversary, and to review the achievements of the past decade. Today the association is eagerly sought and valued as an expert voice by public authorities, politicians and investors. We celebrated this milestone anniversary in April, and within the context of an anniversary event in the autumn will be thanking in particular our employees as well as all our associates for their trust and support.

Over the years, the association has developed, grown and achieved tangible successes for the sector. The market was growing steadily in the early days in 2006, and investors were investing very offensively – today, by contrast, demand is determining supply to a far greater extent. The products in focus have also changed over the past ten years, while technological advances demand innovations and the financial crisis presented the sector with a number of challenges. Providing information and transparency within this environment has been one of the association’s central remits from the outset – we strive to make the products and associated risks properly comprehensible. The SSPA assumed responsibility for this, and created products such as for example the Swiss Derivative Map to categorise the products and describe the most important characteristics of the categories. Today, this map is the European standard.

Over the past 10 years, the association has not merely responded to changing demands and positioned itself as a pioneer; it continues to this day to offer a wide range of services with added value – there is a tool in the pipeline, for example, that focuses on the use of structured products within a portfolio context, facilitating the targeted provision of information to relationship managers. A tailor-made app is designed to boost understanding of how structured products work in customer portfolios, systematically explaining the advantages of mixing in these products. It enables different sample portfolios and different market scenarios to be vividly simulated, underscoring the huge potential presented by the systematic deployment of structured products. There are plans to launch the new tool during the second half of the year – just wait and see!

Thanks to the new market statistics, we are also able to show that our industry generates overall sales substantially in excess of CHF 200 billion each year. This makes Switzerland the world’s largest market for structured products, with substantial international sales potential. And this also safeguards many highly-qualified jobs.

As an association, we have seen strong growth ever since we addressed the overall output of the sector. This means that in addition to issuers and the stock exchange, distribution partners, technology providers as well as other partners are also members of the association. Over the past twelve months alone, membership has grown 30 percent to reach 25 members … and we are looking forward to additional growth in the coming years!

Georg von Wattenwyl, SSPA Chairman

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