Risk Figure
SSPA's Risk Figure uses the Value at Risk (VaR) approach to estimate a structured product's market risk. To facilitate ranking, structured products are allocated to one of six risk categories, category 6 representing the highest risk for investment in a product and category 1 the lowest risk. The Risk Figure is calculated daily and made available to the general public.
The intervals of the six risk categories are reviewed weekly. Adjustments are made as needed. For further information regarding the SSPA Risk Figure and/or the interval adjustment please refer to the documents below.
Risk Class / Risk Perception VaR Interval Comparable to
0 - 1 Money Market, Deposits
1 - 5 Bonds
5 - 9 Mixed Portfolio Bonds / Shares
9 - 14 Blue Chips
14 - 29 Small / Mid Caps, Emerging Markets
  very high
29 - 100 Options, Futures

Date Title Download
31.01.2013 Information about the SSPA Risk Figure PDF
31.01.2013 SSPA Risk Figure FAQ PDF
01.02.2010 Interval adjustment of SSPA risk categories (basics) PDF
SSPA Risk Figure Finder
The Risk Figure (VaR) and Risk Rating for any structured product listed at the SIX Structured Products Exchange can be found quickly and easily using the Risk Figure finder. To search for a specific product, enter the symbol, the ISIN or the product's number. Alternatively a search can be performed by using drop down boxes to look for SSPA product type, issuer, risk category or underlying (individual underlyings in the case of multi-assets).

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Please note that the Value At Risk (VaR) approach which serves as a basis for the SSPA risk figures and ratings constitutes only one of several important criteria influencing the choice of a structured product. It should not serve as the sole basis for a decision. The information at hand should not be considered investment advice, nor does it constitute an offer or recommendation to buy or sell a product or take the place of a person-to-person consultation. Rather than investing in a single product, we recommend diversification. This prevents a single product in an investment portfolio from gaining too much weight, and in cases of default having too great an effect on the portfolio’s overall value.

The Risk Figure is calculated and provided by Derivative Partners Research AG. Derivative Partners Research AG and the Swiss Structured Products Association are in no way responsible for the completeness or accuracy of the information.