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Structured products are innovative and flexible investment vehicles. They provide an attractive alternative to direct financial investments (such as shares, bonds, currencies, etc.). Their flexibility means that appropriate investment solutions can be found for every risk profile, even in demanding market environments. Structured products are an ideal addition to any portfolio.

Products with great potential

Individual investment solutions tailored precisely to your needs and your market view can be implemented swiftly and in a straightforward manner. In contrast to a direct investment, this means that you can fine-tune your investment specifically to reduce risk or increase yield prospects. Structured products thus provide you with a means of earning attractive returns even when share prices are on a sideways or slightly downward trend.

Structured products are also traded on the stock exchange. This offers you the advantage of a high level of transparency and neutral supervision of trading. The issuers of structured products additionally ensure high liquidity and tradeability, facilitating straightforward purchasing and selling of the products.