Association portrait
The Association
SSPA Swiss Structured Products Association was established on April 4, 2006, to represent the shared interests of issuers of structured products.

Without engaging in commercial activities of its own, SSPA maintains and represents its members’ shared interests in structured products. The Association also promotes the image of structured products and thus, that of the Swiss Financial Center as a whole.

The active members of SSPA account together for 95% of Switzerland’s structured products market. Each Association member nominates two delegates who as a body appoint from its ranks the Association’s five-member Committee. The Committee determines specifics and themes of the Association’s activities, to be executed by the Business Office. Association headquarters are located in Zurich.

The relatively young structured products industry has grown considerably in the past few years and has during that time become economically relevant. Its investment volume in excess of CHF 200 bn makes Switzerland the world’s largest market for structured products.
Mission statement
SSPA Swiss Structured Products Association strives to favorably and lastingly influence the conditions that govern structured products in the Swiss Financial Center.

To ensure its ongoing influence, the Association strives to position itself among its target groups as the primary, fairest and best point of contact in its field.