Date Title Download
28.10.2009 Eusipa Derivative Map launched Media Release
22.10.2009 Third fair for structured products: Ongoing interest in structured products Media Release
19.10.2009 New edition of the Derivative Map - Development milestone for the SSPA Swiss Derivative Map© Media Release
28.09.2009 Third Swiss financial fair for structured products: Knowledge platform for private investors and independent asset managers Media Release
24.08.2009 Third Swiss Structured Products Fair with the motto «knowledge is the best stimulus package» Media Release
22.07.2009 Picard | Angst Group to become SSPA passive member; risk figure available ahead of the first day of trading Media Release
30.06.2009 SSPA launches structured products risk figure Media Release
29.06.2009 Third Swiss Structured Products Fair: Continuing the flow of information in challenging times Media Release
02.06.2009 SSPA launches risk classification for structured products that sets a new standard Media Release
05.03.2009 Esther Thoma new member of the SSPA committee – passive association membership launched Media Release
18.02.2009 Issuer risk on structured products limited thanks to collateral security Media Release
26.01.2009 Additions to information package Media Release