Potential proposition I of the tracker certificate
Your market expectations
You expect the underlying to rise. The underlying performance may be moderate (e.g. +10%) or strong (e.g. +40%).
Your investment aim
You wish to broaden your investment spectrum and are looking for investment opportunities outside of the traditional asset categories. You are interested in commodities and are seeking an investment opportunity within this asset category. You assume that the value of silver in particular will rise in the future.
Participation product / Tracker Certificate (1300, in accordance with Swiss Derivative Map of the Swiss Structured Products Association) for silver.
Potential of tracker certificates
Tracker certificates harbour the potential to tap into new markets or strategies which are otherwise difficult to access for the investor or entail high costs. Tracker certificates based on indices or baskets also enable broadly diversified investments with a single transaction.

A tracker certificate provides the investor with an opportunity to participate in the commodity's price gains. The tracker certificate is simple to buy and sell during stock exchange opening hours.

Your risk tolerance
You are prepared to accept the same loss potential as applies to the underlying and are aware of the issuer risk.
The term is unlimited ("open-end").
Payout profile
1 ounce of silver (Bloomberg ticker: SILV <Cmdty>)
Scenario analysis
Underlying (U) Tracker certificate
Level U perf. as % of issue price Certificate perf.
USD 19.50 (70%) -30% USD 19.50 (69%) -31%
USD 22.29 (80%) -20% USD 22.29 (79%) -21%
USD 25.07 (90%) -10% USD 25.07 (89%) -11%
USD 27.86 (100%) 0% USD 27.86 (99%) -1%
USD 30.65 (110%) 10% USD 30.65 (109%) 9%
USD 33.43 (120%) 20% USD 33.43 (119%) 19%
USD 36.22 (130%) 30% USD 36.22 (129%) 29%
USD 39.00 (140%) 40% USD 39.00 (139%) 39%
The scenario analysis based on a holding period of one year shows that the tracker certificate offers profit and loss potential comparable to that of the underlying. The possible lower yield shown here is attributable to the fee incorporated in the product.
Discover the potential
The presented product offers an appropriate means of investing in silver without having to physically acquire the underlying. The issuer guarantees tradeability during stock exchange opening hours.